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"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

  - Oscar Wilde

Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

Kirby Tepper, LMFT

Who knows what exactly makes a certain therapist right for a specific client?  But I do believe that a good therapist listens to the client’s needs and sees possible discrepancies in what clients want from life and how they’re going about getting it.  And it's always seemed to me that I have best success with clients when I'm myself rather than playing the role of how a therapist should, according to media and myth, look and sound.

Like any of us, my own life experience is a part of my work in sessions.  I have a background in the arts and in business, helping clients to understand and resolve challenges in career—both in day-to-day work relationships and with the bigger ‘what-am-I-doing-with-my-life’ questions.  I bring my own experience as a Type-1 diabetic to my work with people who have chronic illnesses. And in general, my understanding of those needs makes me sensitive to the importance of the interplay between physical and emotional health. 

A few areas that I've found that I'm helpful are: co-dependency or enmeshment in relationships; loss and trauma; low self-esteem; and finding ways to integrate long-unresolved family issues in order to stop those issues from negatively affecting friendships, love, and work.  I like to help people find ways to communicate to spouses, partners, co-workers, and family.  And I've had a pretty good track record working with men, guys who don't usually open up and would prefer not to be overly analytical.

In addition to my regular psychotherapy practice, I travel around the country delivering a day-long seminar specifically geared to visual artists to help in verbally communicating about their work (primarily for professional development).  In this work I continually rediscover the need everyone has --artist or not--to acquire skills that help in developing friends and business relationships.  I  love working on those issues—even being as specific as to how to meet people at parties or how to overcome fear in public speaking.  I’ve done this kind of work with lawyers, writers, doctors--every kind of person in all many careers.  The outcome is usually growth in self-esteem and progress in creating happier personal and work relationships.

What else?...let’s see; in no particular order, you should know:  I'm knowledgeable about the 12 steps;  I believe sessions should be about YOU not about me;  I  believe your cultural and gender play an enormous role in how you approach your life goals and your most important relationships; I'm not surprised or freaked out by anything you’d tell me, and most definitely am not going to negatively judge you; I don’t just sit quietly and blankly (sorry if I interrupt now and then), but instead like to ask a lot of questions that help you get to the answers you want; and I don’t like to advise or impose my belief systems on you. I’m not perfect in my ability to see everything, but I try to be human and reasonable. I will always try and interpret what you want from your life and do my best to help you get there.

So hopefully that resonates for you; feel free to contact me by phone with any other questions.




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