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Men's Mental Health Counseling | Treat Your Mental Health Issue Now
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Men’s Mental Health Counseling

Pacific Psychotherapy Associates / Men’s Mental Health Counseling

Men’s Mental Health Counseling

Men’s mental health issues are myriad and unique to them.  We try to erase the stigma of men’s mental health treatment by recognizing the specific needs in the area of men’s mental health counseling.  In the United States, it is a fact that men have a harder time seeking mental health therapy.  The old stereotype is that men aren’t supposed to show their feelings.  While that has been changing, there’s still a stigma that keeps some men from seeking counseling.  (It goes without saying that when talking about men’s mental health counseling, we’re referring to all men, straight or gay.  For more about gay men’s mental health and gay men’s counseling, see “LGBTQ Counseling” on this site).

Men’s mental health issues run the gamut, from erectile dysfunction to the fear of commitment (or what is referred to as intimacy issues or fear of intimacy).  Men have to learn to support women during pregnancy.  Others have marriage conflict and communication issues, while many do not know how to be a good husband and/or father.  Often the most difficult men’s mental health problems arise from work and career difficulties: workaholism, men’s overachieving, (overwork and overachieving are insidious problems often overlooked), career burnout, and men’s career transition issues.  Many men fear ridicule, judgment, and experience distress over seeming weak if they choose to solicit help from a licensed psychotherapist.  In addition, some men may have sought treatment before, only to have been disappointed in the lack of sensitivity and lack of transparency on the part of the mental health provider.  Men tend to prefer interactive psychotherapy, sometimes preferring solution-focused treatment or cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy specific to men’s mental health needs.  We try to understand that in general men prefer problem-solving, having difficulty talking about feelings but wanting to learn better communication and ability to express feelings.

Men who suffer from emotional and mental health issues are far less likely to seek help than women. In fact, men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women and are

more likely to self-medicate their emotional problems with alcohol or drugs.  By providing a safe, non-judgmental space for men, we find that they are more willing to address their emotional and physical health needs.  Many men prioritize skills and tasks over processing emotions.  Because there have been many changes in the mental health field yielding psychotherapy practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, “coaching”, communication skill-building, and learning to express feelings, men’s mental health counseling has come a long way.  We can help you face your fears, anger, depression, and address your intimacy and sexuality issues to help you find – and keep – a healthy relationship, productive workplace, better communication with your wife or better communication with your partner, and improve men’s mental health in general.

At Pacific Psychotherapy Associates, we collaborate with men to help them find the language they are most comfortable with, which can facilitate a conversation about feelings and how to express their feelings.  As talk therapists, we help coach you to address issues related to confidence, depression, anxiety, fears, intimacy issues, sexuality and finding healthy relationships.  Today, men are taught from an early age that they should be masculine, a provider and strong.  We want you to know that we understand this pressure.  Breaking down this ideal and helping you express yourself by confronting these expectations can be a start to your understanding and resolving repressed emotions, fear of intimacy, and improved communication.  In a comfortable and non-judgmental space, we can help you open up and get you on the road to increasing your confidence and overcoming depression and anxiety.  Men’s mental health counseling is essential today and we believe we can provide a place to explore feelings and find solutions that coach you through life challenges.