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Co-dependency & Self-Esteem Counseling | Increase Your Self-Worth
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Co-Dependency & Self Esteem Counseling

Pacific Psychotherapy Associates / Co-Dependency & Self Esteem Counseling

Co-dependency & Self Esteem Counseling

Co-dependency and self esteem counseling can help you address underlying issues that have contributed to creating toxic cycles within your relationships.  Co-dependency is a mental health issue that creates a debilitating cycle of behaviors that end up destroying one’s self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.  Co-dependency can look like care-taking; being overly nurturing, continuously saying “yes,” and sometimes enabling another person’s addictions or poor mental health.  Often people describe themselves as being a “people pleaser” or feel like they want to be “perfect.”  Interestingly, this drive towards perfection leads to and creates feelings of disconnection and shame.

Do you feel like you are doing “everything” in your relationship or feel like your partner does not participate equally? Do you feel undervalued, alone and not appreciated?  These are typical feelings of being in a co-dependent relationship.  The impact of a co-dependent relationship is often suppressed anger, decreased self-esteem, and self-worth.  Without co-dependency and self-esteem counseling, you could find yourself in an emotionally vacant relationship.  Co-dependency and self-esteem counseling can help reduce the effects of emotionally vacant relationships.

What causes co-dependency?  Many events can cause co-dependency but for most, co-dependency starts in childhood.  Growing up in a dysfunctional family where there are

little to no boundaries, where parents may not have provided a secure attachment, children can develop a lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.  These children then grow up to often create toxic cycles within their relationships since issues of fear and shame were never addressed.  They depend on other’s approval.  As psychotherapists, our goal is to help you stop co-dependent relationships, learn to set boundaries and begin to feel comfortable saying “no.”  We will help you discern what a true connection feels like and how it can impact your relationships in a healthy way.  Once you understand what co-dependency traits are and when to recognize them, the perceived “helpful” qualities you possess and give will truly influence a positive connection with others and build your self-confidence.

At Pacific Psychotherapy Associates, we offer co-dependency and self-esteem counseling, where sessions will focus on setting boundaries.  If you find yourself in a co-dependent relationship, co-dependent marriage or if you are a co-dependent parent, therapy can assist you in healing these relationships that have become toxic.  If you struggle with “people-pleasing,” worrying what others think of you, controlling behaviors, a decreased sense of self-worth or anxiety, it’s time to reclaim your voice and self-esteem.  Imagine feeling loved just for being you.  Reach out to us and let us help you with co-dependency and self-esteem counseling.